Sunday, 14 January 2007

Installation, 27th October 2006

Project Space Collaboration: Projections by Jo Murray and 'Springbok Stilts' by Fiona Pender.

Installation:This instillation was a collaboration in which two individual works came together in a unified environment.
My ‘Springbok Stilts’ had already been created to be used in creating a separate work, however when the opportunity arose I decided to use them in the project room. I wanted the stilts to tackle the space they were in, hence why I had thought of lowering the ceiling so that the stilts could pierce through it into the unknown space above.
Jo had been filming in an old world war bunker in Fife, and was also keen to lower the ceiling in order to re-create the enclosed environment he had been filming in. It was also important to his work that the room be completely dark, technically it strengthened the quality of his projected films as well as echoing the enclosed feeling and the darkness of the bunker he had filmed in.

The two separate works complemented each other aesthetically and the sounds from Jo’s films added another dimension to the space, culminating in a work which was rich in symbols and meaning.

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