Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Skipping Masks, October - November 2006

'Skipping Masks', worn in studio 27.10.06.

'Skipping Masks', worn in meadows 12.11.06.

Skipping Masks:
Creating a piece which connected people was something I had been interested in as I was reading about the social relationships within African tribes. I found the inter-personal relationships fascinating, especially their use of secrets as a way of gaining status by advertising this knowledge through the d├ęcor on their clothing. The subject of the secret is not of prime importance; it is the fact that you know something others do not that elevates a person’s status.

These relationships made me think about similar social groups in the Western world, and I could relate this idea back to the suburban housewives gossiping over the garden fence. The ‘ringleader’ of one of these social groups often being the first to know everything, and the status of the other housewives is determined by whom she will share this information with.

This lead me to create ‘Skipping masks’, each mask is made from an apron, and joined at the chin by a piece of material referencing a skipping-rope. The wearer’s face is entirely covered apart from the mouth and the skipping rope, which, when used, represents the two individuals engaging with one another or exchanging information. A skipping rope is also something I associate with suburban life-style and children in the area playing outside. This is deliberately a feminine piece, and wearing it instantly creates a relationship between two women.

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